Hello Accordion

wordpress plugin


Plugin description

Hello accordion is a wordpress plugin, which can be used for creating accordion elements from any widgets you have! Plugin comes with 11 predefined styles and ajax loading included for your site loading acceleration! If you want to organize or group your widgets into something clean and beautiful – this plugin is just right for you! Just 3 easy steps and your widgets will be grouped into beautiful accordion element. No special PHP/HTML/CSS knowledges required. All you need to do is to create empty sidebar, fill it with your widgets and use Hello Accordion widget, which automatically will create accordion on your page! Also, we provided detailed css tutorial for the most tempted clients. Enjoy!

Plugin preview

We created accordion from 4 different widgets (Posts, Comments, Authors and Text) to give you an example how this plugin works. We also provided few options for your review. You may change styling and arrows support from the left side and after it will be highlighted by green color, try it from the right side!



Additional functions

Plugin installation

So you still think accordion creation is hard? Absolutely not! 3 easy steps and your widgets will be grouped into beautiful accordion element! Create new sidebar for accordion content on Hello Accordion settings page. Fill this sidebar with your widgets and set parameters for these widgets as usually. Drop Hello Accordion widget in your page’s sidebar and enjoy your new creation!

Plugin advantages

Advantage Description
11 styles Different predefined styles for your unique layout. Also, you can create new style or modify existed one manually.
Ajax support Load your widgets in normal way or use new ajax loading feature to reduce your site’s loading speed.
Multi-accordions support Multi-accordions feature will give you an opportunity to create more than one accordion element on one of your pages.
Minified JS and CSS Both, javascript and css files were also minified for your site loading acceleration.
Header selector support Feature allows you to set any heading for accordion text buttons.
Duration feature Set any speed you want for your accordions.
Closed accordion feature Feature allows you to close accordion by default.
Arrows feature Show or hide arrows in one click.
Custom theme field Special text field for your custom theme class.
Responsive friendly Accordion width is set to 100% and equals to your sidebar’s width, which makes it extremely useful for responsive layout.
Crossbrowser support Plugin was tested in modern browsers like Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome, IE8 and IE9.
Detailed tutorial You will learn how to create own style, how to style each tab separately, how to change arrows image.
Fast and friendly support We will try to do our best to help you solve your issues. You may also leave your wishes, maybe it will be added to next version!

Plugin demo version

We realize, that exist thousands of WordPress themes worldwide and every developer creates his themes in it’s own way. This demo plugin was created to give you a chance to test your theme’s capability. Download this archive, where you will find demo plugin and Documentation page from full version of this plugin.
Note, all click events are disabled in this demo plugin, but you still will be able to create accordion and try predefined styles. Plugin uses your sidebar’s headings for accordion buttons, if you don’t like result of this action – try to set different heading in ‘Custom heading’ field (Available values: h1, h2, h3, h4, h5 or h6). Test your theme, test your widgets! If you have any issue to use this demo plugin in your theme, feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help you!
Download demo version